Decoys in 2-5 MPH wind.

These patent pending snow goose, Canada goose and blue goose decoys COMBINE THE BEST OF SILHOUETTE AND WINDSOCK DECOYS.

  • They have full body appearance with motion like a windsock with the portability of a silhouette.
  • Wind is not required for full body appearance due to integrated support system.
  • With wind they waddle with a subtle head motion that simulates feeding geese.

Compare SilloSocks to other windsock decoys. SilloSocks head and body are permanently attached eliminating lost heads. Unique stake system is virtually invisible and since the head and body move together the windsock can't tangle around the stake.

All decoys are feeders and are 25 inches long and stand 18 inches high. 100% waterproof and weigh 1 lb per dozen. 1 dozen can easily be carried in each hand making set up fast and easy.

Our patent pending Tyvek SilloSocks design enables the Tyvek to hold its shape with no wind. With wind the decoy comes alive and are a welcome addition to any spread. We have had great success in Canada this fall with Snow/Blues and Canada SilloSocks. With the wet weather up north and the crops still in the field the portability of these decoys was a huge advantage. 2 people can easily carry 300-400 decoys into fields you could not hunt otherwise. The Canada SilloSock is scheduled for production. They will be a great way to add motion to a full body decoy spread.

New! Economy Sillosocks.  The heads and bodies are unprinted,  They come unassembled to make them easier to customize.  They are made of the exact same materials as the printed sillosocks. Just paint them up to you liking, assemble and they are ready to hunt.



SilloSocks Blue Goose decoy


"Spring Snows - Wave Upon Wave" Video - If You want to see these decoys in action?

This video contains weeks of some great hunts from this spring, all compressed into 2 hours! Filmed by Jim Jones at Prairiewind Decoys.

Definitely, some of the best snow goose footage I have seen These are $20 + $3(S&H). VHS or DVD


Click to visit the SilloSock gallery of snow goose decoy videos and pictures.
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New Decoys... coming soon



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